Eat Leafy Greens Pre-Workout

Eat Leafy Greens Pre-Workout If your regular workout time is a couple of hours after dinner, here's a suggestion for your pre-workout meal that might help reduce the potentially damaging effects of free radicals. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition suggests consuming watercress, the aquatic perennial member of the cabbage family of leafy green vegetables, can maximize the benefits of high-intensity exercise.

Researchers assigned healthy men in their early 20s to a demanding 8-week exercise program. Some ate 85 grams (equivalent to a small bag) of watercress 2 hours before training while other didn't. Increased energy demand can unleash free radicals that have the potential to damage DNA, but the watercress protected these subjects allowing them to get the full benefit from each exercise session.

True Strength Moment: The antioxidant qualities of the oldest known green leafy vegetable are impressive. 85 grams provides 36 mg of vitamin C and 2712 IU of vitamin A. When eating a salad before training isn't practical, consider ON's Essential Amino Energy Chewables. A 3-piece serving dishes out 100 mg of vitamin C along with a strong cup of coffee's worth of caffeinated energy. Check today's Performance Blog for a muscle building alternative to heavy resistance low rep lifting.
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