More Protein Bang For The Buck

More Protein Bang For The Buck Everyone appreciates a good value, but when it comes to powdered proteins it isn't always so easy to tell whether Tub A is a better deal than Tub B. Your workout recovery spotting partners at ON are here to help you figure out the best value with a couple of simple math formulas

Cost Per Serving

At first glance, a $42.99 tub of whey protein seems like a better deal than a $52.99 tub. They're both packed with 5 pounds of whey protein. But a closer look reveals the $42.99 tub only dishes up 57 servings. Divide $42.99 by 57 and you get a cost per serving of 75 cents. Because the $52.99 tub gives you 77 servings, it's actually the better buy at 69 cents per serving.

Protein Percentage

How did the cost per serving vary so much in the example above? The $52.99 tub has lower levels of fat, sugar and carbs along with higher levels of pure protein. Here's how to calculate exactly how much protein you get with each serving. Divide the amount of protein in each serving by the serving size and multiply by a factor of 100. Here's what the math looks like using the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor of Gold Standard 100% Whey.

24 Grams of Protein / 29.4 Gram Serving Size x 100 = 81.6% Pure Protein

True Strength Moment: This protein percentage formula works best with single source proteins like whey, egg, soy and casein, because blends and meal replacement powders often include creatine, added aminos and/or vitamins and minerals that will throw off the calculation. An easier way to pick the best-value protein is to check the facts panel for not just protein but also the levels of fat, sugar and carbs. While we're on the subject of nutritional choices, visit today's Performance Blog for a list of the top 10 healthiest whole food choices.
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