Whey Better Than You Thought

Turns out that whey protein isn't only good for building lean mass. Recent research presented at the American Dietetic Association Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo points to whey's capacity for reducing body fat and positively impacting both insulin and cholesterol levels.

The conference, which is the world's largest gathering of food and nutrition experts, heard that whey protein is particularly effective when consumed after resistance training. And some studies suggest that it can build muscle and reduce fat even in the absence of training. The microfractions found in whey may play a role in that hypothesis. Scientists believe that it may be useful in assisting with weight management as well as associated conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.

The Bigger Picture: Because of whey's potential for promoting good health, and the fact that its mechanisms are yet to be completely understood, researchers called for further studies on using this protein as a functional food component and weight management tool. Until then, we'll just have to be happy using it in the gym for post-workout muscle nourishment.
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