4-Week Cutter Program Challenge


One look in the mirror tells you that significant progress has been made since the end of your bulking stage. But if your look could stand some physique fine tuning, this physically demanding 4-week program might help. Change the order of exercises and set/rep schemes weeks 2-4 to keep it interesting and keep your muscles working hard to adapt. The first day you try this you'll realize the calorie burning and muscle building potential. Be sure to include 25 minutes of cardio each day to maximize fat burning.

* = 1 drop set at the end of the last set. You want to push it to failure

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May 26, 2012
i just wonder if i pyramid up the weight or down for each set of above excersices
May 27, 2012
i noticed that the reps are decreasing...how about the weights??? should i increase??? many thanks
May 29, 2012
You should be using whatever weight that makes you struggle to get the last rep, with perfect form. As long as you train intense and eat properly, you will see gains.
May 29, 2012
May 30, 2012
With each set you always want to increase the weight where you can reach the last rep on each set. Challenge yourself on each set where that last rep is like almost muscle failure
Jun 07, 2012
I know for most workout splits you should stick with it how it is, but I was wondering if it would be detrimental if I switched chest/bis and back/tris to make it chest/tris and back/bis? Thoughts?
Optimum Nutrition
Jun 07, 2012
@Zach - That would be a great idea to keep your workouts fresh each week. Try one week with chest/bis and back/tris and the next, chest/tris and back/bis. It is important to change your workouts, whether it be daily, weekly or monthly. If you continue to follow a workout program without change, you may find yourself at a plateau and it can make your workouts seem dull.

Best of luck!!

Team ON

Jun 18, 2012
Was just wondering how long the workouts should take and how long to rest between sets?

I also ride to work and from work. Its about 6-8 miles. Is that enough or should i add more cardio?
Team ON
Jun 20, 2012
@Jono, your rest period should be around 30 to 45 seconds in between each set. The workout should take you about an hour to complete.

This is a high intense workout so make sure to keep hydrated. Taking shorter breaks will keep your heart rate up and will keep the calories burning.

6-8 miles of biking is a good amount of cardio. If your not reaching your desired goal, maybe add some high intense cardio on top of that.

Best of Luck,
Team ON
Jun 20, 2012
Four days into this program after a loooong hiatus from bodybuilding. Figured cutting my new-found "bulk" would be the right way to start. I love it so far! I have limited access to the gym at the moment, so I need to improvise with my pullup bar/ free weights to say the least. But I feel great! I've never been so happy to do cardio.
Jun 29, 2012
So I have 2 questions Team ON

When i workout because of the lactic acid buildup and pain it is pretty hard to continue in 45 sec break, Any suggestions?
Second question is that I work out Early Morning like around 5am should i have any pre or post work out nutrition?

P.S. I love natural whey protein

Thank Yoy
Jul 15, 2012
do i need to follow any proper diet program while following ur plan to get a desire result
Jul 15, 2012
while followint these program wat suppliment do u suggest
Jul 23, 2012
Sajan, Hydrobuilder in post-workout, and hydrowhey or gold standard in pre-workout and in the morning, and finally Casein for bedtime.
Team ON
Jul 24, 2012

Your best bet is to listen to your body. If it is telling you to take some more time, then take it. Know the difference between discomfort and actual pain. If you are in pain, then take some more time, if it just discomfort, try to push through it.

If you train early in the morning, take in some protein and carbs pre and post workout. Something as easy a Gold Standard Whey shake will do.

Team ON
Team ON
Jul 24, 2012
Sajan, with any program you want to figure out your goal. If your goal is to shed some fat, you will have to have a calorie deficit of around 300-500 calories a day ( This means eat 300-500 LESS calories a day). If you want to gain some muscle mass, do the opposite and consume 300-500 EXTRA calories a day. What ever your goal may be, make sure you eat clean and have a high protein diet to preserve that hard earned muscle.

Team ON
Aug 29, 2012
Hi ON team. I still don't understand what is a drop set which * refers to. Does it mean to do another set immediately after the last set with a decreased weight? And about the triset of chest, there are 2 sets of peck deck flyes while there are 3 of the other two. How should I do it? Thx a lot!
Jan 21, 2015
What do we workout during the weekends?
Jun 16, 2015
Unbelievable. I have tried every way to print this workout and there is absolutely no way to print page 2.