Tune In Part Of The Time

Looking to pick up the pace of your 5K runs? A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine suggests listening to music for the first 1.5 kilometers, then turning it off. Testing this pacing strategy on 15 competitors in a 5K race, researchers discovered that focusing on something other than the physical effort of running increases velocity without altering perceived rate of exertion. Listening to music for the whole race or only the last 1.5 kilometers didn't have the same effect.

True Strength Moment: You'd think that if music helps you pick up the pace, more would be better in the long run. But even if you don't feel like you're exerting greater effort, maintaining a faster music-driven pace probably can't be sustained for the entire 5 kilometer distance. It could be that getting off to a faster start forces the rest of the pack to play catch up, throwing off their pacing strategy.
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