Watch Big Results Happen

Watch Big Results Happen Looking for an edge the next time you face off on a basketball court or tee up against very competitive golf buddies? A study published in the journal Psychological Science reports that athletes tend to be more accurate when they look directly at the target without moving their eyes.

Taking this strategy a step further, visualizing the target to be bigger than it actually is also increases accuracy. Study subjects putting golf balls into a hole that seemed larger than the typical size sank more shots than they did putting into a hole of the exact same size that wasn't visually altered.

True Strength Moment: Locking your vision onto a target isn't too difficult a task if you train yourself to do it consistently. With practice, you can also perfect the art of convincing yourself the basket, hole or bullseye is larger than it appears. Give yourself some time to iron out the execution and then put these tricks to the test next time its game on.
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