How Stress Can Wreck Your Diet

How Stress Can Wreck Your Diet We like to gloss over the fact that fat-filled high-calorie dishes aren't very nutritious by referring to them as 'comfort food'. A study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior shows how there's more truth to this description than you might have thought.

Studying food choices made under different circumstances, researchers discovered that stress can cause even calorie conscious dieters to make poor food choices. Having to pick between fresh grapes and a popular candy, 71% of subjects consumed more calories under stressful situations. Only 35% managed to consume the same amount of calories as they normally would, and most of these subjects were not actively dieting.

True Strength Moment: In stressful situations, most of the subjects who were watching their calories not only reported eating more food, but made choices they normally try to avoid. Unfortunately, comfort food only provides comfort while you're eating. You'll start having regrets even before the meal is finished.
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