Measure Serving Sizes Anywhere

Measure Serving Sizes Anywhere It's not always easy to figure out what's a reasonable amount of food. This is especially true when eating out at restaurants. They seem to want to provide outsized portions while you want to stay lean. Here are a couple of handy tips from Men's Health magazine that can be applied in just about any situation.

You can measure a tablespoon of butter, sour cream or salad dressing using the tip of your thumb. Imagine a cut in half apple core side down on the table for a visual approximation of a half-cup of mashed potatoes. You know what a shotgun shell looks like. Well, that's about the same size as a one-ounce sausage link. An 8-ounce bowl of soup is about the size of a baseball. One ounce of cubed cheese looks pretty much the same as four dice stacked on the table, and your closed fist makes a pretty fair approximation for half a cup of cooked spaghetti.

True Strength Moment: Use these visual cues to keep your caloric intake in check when dining out with friends, on vacation or during an extended business trip. Here's one last fine dining portion size tip: a deck of playing cards equals a 3 ounce serving of steak. Eat well and stay lean.
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