Ice Slurry Picks Up Your Pace

Ice Slurry Picks Up Your Pace The sun and heat of summer can test your willpower to avoid sugary treats like Italian Ice. But if you're getting ready to run a competitive race, these temptations could help you post a faster time. That's what a study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine suggests.

Twelve active adults were given ice slurry or an 80 degree drink before a 15 minute warm up for a 10 kilometer time trail. They received 8 grams per kilogram of body weight, so a 155 pound runner got about 560 grams of ice or water which works out to something like 20 ounces of liquid. Even through internal body temperature rose faster and remained higher at the end of the race for ice eaters, they finished the race an average of 2 seconds faster than subjects who drank warm water.

True Strength Moment: The rise in body temperature after consuming ice was the result of a lower body temperature to start with. If you poured some fruit juice over the ice, the fast-burning carbohydrates might shave a couple more seconds off your 10K time.
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