Try The Pushup Fitness Test

Try The Pushup Fitness Test Think you're in pretty good shape? Take this pushup fitness test published online by Men's Health magazine. It's easy. Just count the number of pushups you're able to perform in 3 minutes. You can stop and rest as long as you like, but you're finished when the clock runs out. The average number of reps is 55 and 75 would be considered 'good' by strength coaches.

True Strength Moment: Old school pushups have a lot to offer active adults who get impatient of waiting for the bench press station to free up. With variations like the plank, plyometric, feet elevated, barbell and rotation pushups, there's more than one way to work this basic chest exercise while strengthening your core muscle group.
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Jul 01, 2012
I think the best fitness test is the tabata workout depending on the exercise. but thats just me i'm not an expert or anything I just realized how bad I am at push ups when I did it after pull ups doing the tabata test.