Betaine Helps Beat Back Fatigue

Betaine Helps Beat Back Fatigue If your favorite all-in-one recovery shake contains betaine, you've probably wondered why it was included in the formula. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research provides a hint of what you might expect after a couple weeks of regular supplementation.

Eleven college-aged men supplemented their diets with betaine or consumed a placebo for 15 days. During this period, they reported to the NSCA's Human Performance Laboratory where they did sets of chess presses. Although no differences were noticed for force output or soreness after exercise, betaine did significantly reduce fatigue.

True Strength Moment: If you can train a little longer, you might be able to push past a sticking point that's keeping you from reaching a performance goal. Just remember that real muscle size and strength gains are made during recovery.
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