Most Exciting Olympic Performance

Most Exciting Olympic Performance On July 25th, Olympic coverage kicks off 2 weeks of competition between the best athletes in the world. A recommendation on what might be one of the most exciting events comes from this week's edition of Physics World. Steve Haake, director of Sheffield Hallam University's Centre for Sports Engineering uses a 'Performance Improvement Index' to suggest the men's 100 meter sprint is ripe for record breaking.

During the 1980s, javelin throws improved to the point where officials began to worrying about crowd safety. A design change reduced distances by 9 meters. In swimming, 25 records were broken in 2008 followed by another 47 in 2009. Then came a ban on the skin-tight full body suits which reduced drag by compacting the torso into a more cylindrical shape. Step changes in the men's 100 meter race came about during the 1970s because of the switch to fully automated timing. According to the Performance Improvement Index, it's time to see some new records set in London.

True Strength Moment: Whatever competition you're looking forward to following, take a moment to think about the years of training and uncompromising commitment each athlete put into making their country's team. You might find yourself motivated to set new goals for your own exercise program.
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