Capsicum Heats Up Weight Loss

Capsicum Heats Up Weight Loss Capsicum is an extract derived from red chili peppers that helps turn the heat up when you dine on chili or Mexican food. This thermogenic effect makes capsicum a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition offers some insight into how the spicy extract helps melt body fat.

Male volunteers were cooled for 2 hours. After they consumed capsicum, researchers measured the activation of brown fat, a thermogenic tissue capable of releasing energy as heat instead of storing it as fat. As they suspected, capsicum altered brown fat metabolism.

True Strength Moment: Capsicum isn't the only thermogenic available to active adults who are determined to look and feel their best. Many studies have confirmed caffeine's potential as a fat burner, and exercise can also help you shed extra pounds. Combine the effects with a sensible diet and set some ambitious goals for the rest of summer.
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Jul 25, 2012
if it activates that way in your metabolism. how much of this do you have to consume before it does?