Now There Are 3 Types Of Fat

Now There Are 3 Types Of Fat If you read yesterday's post about red chili extract, you're already aware of the fat-burning potential of brown fat. Unlike the white fat that stores calories, brown fat burns energy as heat. A study published in the journal Cell suggests there's a gray area in between these two types of tissue known as beige fat.

Although beige fat is genetically distinct from brown fat, it also burns calories to generate heat. Researchers believe that it is deposited within white fat in pea-sized areas around your collarbone and down the spinal column.

True Strength Moment: Beige fat cells are targeted by a hormone known as irisin which is released by muscles during exercise. Even in small amounts, brown and beige fat are capable of burning a lot of calories. Keep that in mind when you're getting busy in the gym.
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