CLA Might Boost Testosterone

CLA Might Boost Testosterone Lots of active adults supplement their diet with CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid. It's not a stimulant and occurs naturally in dairy products and meat, but not in high enough concentrations to support weight loss. According to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, those who train with weights on a regular basis might realize a different kind of support from CLA.

Ten resistance trained males were given CLA or a placebo for 3 weeks. Blood tests after weight training showed a moderate increase in testosterone for placebo subjects. There was a significantly larger increase for those supplementing with CLA. Test tube experiments using testosterone producing Leydig cells showed similar results.

True Strength Moment: More studies are needed to better understand CLA's impact on testosterone synthesis, but this research presents interesting insight into the ways different types of nutrition can support your goals for a healthy, fit lifestyle. For some gender-specific tips on long-term dieting, see today's Performance Blog at
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Israel Johnson
May 04, 2013
At 46 yrs old C L A is the best supplement I've ever taken. And can say I've almost tried them all. Great Product.