Save On Reducing

Considering that current estimates show that upwards of 60% of the American population is considered obese, it's not surprising that many individuals are swayed by quick weight loss promises supported by fancy packaging and high prices. Unfortunately, many of these "breakthrough" products offer little in the way of weight loss in comparison to price and potential side effects. Chitosan is a naturally-occurring fiber derived from shellfish that helps to minimize the effects of dietary fat on your hard-earned physique by binding to a portion of the fat you consume in your diet and causing it to pass through the body unmetabolized. ON Chitosan Diet Formula uses a combination of 90-95% Deacetylated Chitosan combined with 200 mg of Vitamin C which works synergistically to help improve binding properties.

The Bigger Picture: Using a dietary supplement to shed a few pounds can most definitely help you to kick start your program and achieve some realistic weight loss goals. But it's no substitute for eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Adhering to a macronutrient-conscious, fitness-based lifestyle that includes a combination of cardiovascular and resistance training is the key to life-long weight management, and offers you very positive health benefits that no single pill can provide.
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