Team Sports Hamstring Workout

Team Sports Hamstring Workout In soccer, football and other Fall team sports, being able to out-run and jump higher than the competition is going to score points. So what can you do now to be better prepared when you take the field? A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that Nordic hamstring exercises might significantly boost lower body force production.

Eighteen soccer players performed Nordic style eccentric and quick rebound hamstring exercises for 4 weeks. After the program's conclusion, researchers discovered that peak torque increased by 21%.

True Strength Moment: This month-long program greatly increased lower body force production, enabling players to run faster and jump higher. If you have time to practice some of these exercises, learn how they are properly performed and work them into your pre-season training program.
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Tyler Durden
Aug 16, 2012
Where the excerises to accompany the article at?