Stay Motivated

A famous physiologist used to joke that you should "choose your parents very carefully if you want to be an Olympic champion." Turns out, that's no laughing matter. The Genome Project that verified human gene sequences showed most genes have polymorphisms. These are the variants that account for differences in every human characteristic. Athletic performance has a strong genetic component, with more than 130 genes linked to endurance, strength, power and fat use. So you can see that genes have a major impact on how different individuals respond to training and diet.

The Bigger Picture: You've always known that some people realize improvements quickly in the gym while others do not. The good news is that everyone is capable of making gains and accomplishing fitness goals. Some just have to work harder. So eat right, train with a passion, harness the potential of quality supplements, and make sure to give your muscles adequate time to recover. Staying motivated is the key to lifelong fitness.
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