Aerobic Vs. Anabolic

By and large, runners aren't inclined to pump iron. And most bodybuilders can't stand doing cardio. Aerobic conditioning and weight training are located at opposite ends of the muscular power continuum, but both forms of exercise offer distinct advantages. A cardio workout can consist of hundreds of repetitions over an extended period of time and challenge the body's ability to deliver oxygen. Strength training typically involves exhausting muscles with less than 20 reps of heavy resistance in a much shorter timeframe.

The Bigger Picture: According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, the most effective exercise programs are designed to achieve very specific goals. If you want to compete in a marathon, focus on duration. Those who'd rather compete in a bodybuilding contest should make their workouts intense. Whatever type of training you favor, proper nutrition is crucial to consistently achieving goals. So eat right, use quality supplements and train appropriately for your goals to maximize performance and results.
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