Here’s What Makes Bad Fats Bad

Here’s What Makes Bad Fats Bad You've heard that saturated fats from red meat are generally less healthy than the unsaturated fats found in vegetables and seafood. A new study published in The Quarterly Review of Biology helps explain why: Saturated fats promote inflammation. Because these animal fats can provide a carbon source to fuel bacterial growth, your body responds with inflammation. Unsaturated fats have antimicrobial properties that weaken bacteria cells and work as an anti-inflammatory agent in your digestive system.

True Strength Moment: It's important to remember that the inflammatory response triggered by the consumption of saturated fat is low-level and relatively short lived. There's nothing wrong with eating red meat every once in a while to add variation to your diet. But it's easy to see how the frequent consumption of saturated fats can weigh down a healthy lifestyle over time.
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