Tips For Trying New Shake Flavors

Tips For Trying New Shake Flavors There are people at your gym who seem to be scooping out a different protein shake flavor every other week. Others wouldn't trade their favorite flavor for anything. A study on chocolate preferences published in the Journal of Food Science helps explain why some adults are more adventurous when it comes to taste, and others are easily turned off.

Researchers had 85 subjects with clearly defined preferences for sweet (milk chocolate) or bitter (dark chocolate) taste a series of chocolate samples containing varying degrees of a bitter compound called sucrose octaacetate. Subjects who preferred milk chocolate quickly detected and rejected the bitter agent while those who favored dark chocolate had a much higher threshold for bitterness.

True Strength Moment: Although the research didn't test the dark chocolate group's preference for sweetness, you'd think they would have a hard time appreciating flavors like Cake Batter and White Chocolate. Fortunately, ON makes protein shakes in a wide range of flavors and consistencies. There's something to help anyone realize their True Strength.
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