Jump Ahead Of The Competition

Jump Ahead Of The Competition You're always looking for an edge in friendly competition, and a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research explains an easy-to-use technique that can improve jumping ability after a run. A total of 14 competitive male and female runners were recruited to compare the effects of graduated compression tights to loose fitting shorts. They ran for 15 minutes on a treadmill at 50% of capacity, rested for 5 minutes, and then did another 15 minutes at 70% of all-out effort. After another 5 minute break, subjects hopped back up on the treadmill for a 15-minute effort that amounted to 85% of their maximum.

Before testing began and after the last run, each subject performed 3 countermovement jumps. Volunteers who wore the compression garments were able to get 4.5% higher than those who wore running shorts. They also reported significantly lower levels of perceived exertion along with a greater degree of comfort.

True Strength Moment: With the cooler weather approaching, it's getting close to the time when you'd be switching your running gear to something that covers more skin and keeps you warmer. If that choice is tight fitting, your post-workout performance might improve. Test this theory next time your warm up for a sports challenge involves running.
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