How To Burn Fat For Energy

How To Burn Fat For Energy Burning body fat is one of the most intensely pursued goals in any gym. One popular strategy for fueling your workouts with fat involves early morning cardio on an empty stomach. A study published in The FASEB Journal looks at whether you can set your body clock for fat burning.

Researchers fed lab mice one of four diets for 18 weeks: high-fat fixed schedule, low-fat fixed schedule, high-fat no schedule and low-fat no schedule. All of the rodents gained weight, and the ones with unrestricted access to fatty foods gained the most. The surprise comes with the scheduled high-fat dieters gaining the least amount of weight, even though their caloric intake equaled what the mice on an unscheduled low-fat diet received.

True Strength Moment: By consuming fatty foods at the same time of day for the same duration, mice on a high-fat diet were able to convert more of that fat to energy than mice that adhered to a low-fat diet. This might be a good tip for timing your cheat meals.
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