How Running Impacts Bone Health

How Running Impacts Bone Health Your bones are constantly remodeling and endurance exercise is known to increase the biochemical markers of bone resorption. Because this action appears to have little impact on bone formation, researchers analyzed the recovery period after back-to-back sessions of endurance running. Their findings appear in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

Ten physically fit men ran for nine days, and on the fourth and fifth day engaged in an hour-long run at 65% of capacity. Some were given 23 hours to recover, while others only got 3 hours before taking on another 60 minute run at the same intensity. With long or relatively short recovery periods, neither effort affected bone formation up to 4 days after the trial period.

True Strength Moment: From this study, it appears that recovery's impact on bone formation is very different from its influence on muscle building. One of the most common mistakes new lifters make is not allowing enough time for muscle recovery, typically a 48-hour period. Many also fail to provide an adequate supply of amino acids from protein to fuel the muscle rebuilding process.
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