Pre- Vs In-Season Weight Training

Pre- Vs In-Season Weight Training If you're a high school or college team sports athlete, a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research offers some workout planning advice for strengthening your performance before and during the season.

Thirty two male and female team sports athletes with no previous weight training experience were assigned to either perform 1 set with 3 exercises for each muscle group, 2 sets with 6 exercises per muscle group or 3 sets with 9 exercises per muscle group. Their non-periodized program involved 3 sessions each week for 6 weeks, so workout volume was the only difference between groups.

True Strength Moment: Because high volume training produced the greatest improvements in 1RM compared to assessments made before subjects started training, that strategy is better suited to the pre-season time frame. A shift to low volume training is advised once competition begins because that strategy produced superior maximal average power.
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