Win Win Supplementation

Which protein is best for you? The better question might really be which protein is best when. A recent study published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism compared the muscle strength and size benefits of supplementing with hydrolyzed whey protein versus casein. Experienced male bodybuilders used 1.5 grams of one or the other per kilogram of body mass over a 10-week period of closely supervised weight training. The result? Those supplementing with whey hydrolysates gained significantly more lean mass, lost more body fat and demonstrated greater improvements in muscle strength as measured by barbell bench press, squats and cable pulldowns.

The Bigger Picture: Whey hydrolysates absorb into the body quickly and are terrific for pre- and post-workout supplementation. These facts were clearly demonstrated in this study, but that doesn't mean that casein has no value to strength athletes and bodybuilders. Because it digests slowly in the body, casein is best taken right before bed to nourish muscles while you sleep and your body recovers from weight training. Casein's anti-catabolic qualities fit into this niche perfectly. So you see, there's a time and place for both of these popular proteins.
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