Burn 200 Calories In 2.5 Minutes

Burn 200 Calories In 2.5 Minutes If committing to an hour in the gym everyday isn't all that appealing to you, what would you say to less than half that time? Research conducted at the University of Colorado and Colorado State University suggests that adults can burn as much as 200 calories per day with just 2 minutes of concentrated effort. This sprint interval training routine requires a total of 25 minutes when you factor in the active recovery periods.

Using a stationary bike, volunteers set the resistance at high and gave an all-out effort for 30 seconds. This was followed by 4 minutes of active recovery where they pedaled slowly with no resistance. This 'set' of intense effort and recovery was repeated 5 times during the session. Using sophisticated dietary controls, researchers determined that this program helped volunteers burn an average of 200 calories throughout the day.

True Strength Moment: As a percentage of the population, few adults make an effort to regularly perform the 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of intense exercise experts recommend per week. It's a schedule too difficult for many people to stick with. If reducing the time demand gets them started, that's a big plus. But for optimal results, any exercise routine should be changed up after a certain period.
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