Coming Up Short On Cardio

Coming Up Short On Cardio A lot of hard-training adults like to follow their weight lifting up with a quick protein shake before heading into a cardio session. After burning up muscle glycogen under heavy plates, your body might have to use fat as fuel for aerobic exercise since the shake provided anti-catabolic amino acid support to help spare muscle tissue. A study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise cautions against working this routine in reverse.

Eight healthy young subjects had the thoracic and lumbar regions of their spine assessed with an MRI before, during and after 3 consecutive days of moderate intensity running. After the third day, average intervertebral disc height decreased by about 6%. Volume decreased by 6%. Daily variation in disc height and volume is generally less than 1%.

True Strength Moment: Because a decrease in disc height and volume can decrease the load carrying capacity of your spine, engaging in weight training after going running might be less than optimal. While it's a good idea to change up a stale workout from time to time, certain arrangements can take something away from your training.
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