Amplify Amino Anabolism

You might use an amino acid supplement like Vassive-EA8 or BCAA Powder before, during and after your workouts, but is your body making the best possible use of these supplements? Your small intestine controls the rate of amino acids transported from your gut to your liver. The longer aminos stay in your gut, the better the chance for absorption.

A recent report published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that the presence of carbohydrates and dietary fibers can positively influence the amino acid absorption rate. When your food intake is inadequate, or you select low-quality and/or incomplete proteins like pasta, rice, beans and breads, amino acids will be released to the liver rather than absorbed in your intestines. That leaves your muscles with fewer amino acids to apply to anabolic processes.

The Bigger Picture: It's important to remember that supplements are exactly what their name implies. They are not a replacement for regular food. Used as a supplement to a whole foods diet rich in nutrients, you can make the most of their anabolic potential and appreciate the greatest gains. And don't forget the carbs!
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