Combining Resistance With Cardio

Combining Resistance With Cardio When you're planning a workout routine for developing larger muscles, cardio conditioning probably doesn't rank on your list of top 10 exercises. A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology suggests that you might not want to neglect aerobic training if your goal is muscle hypertrophy.

Researchers had men in their mid-20s work a combination of aerobic and resistance leg exercises for 5 weeks. Another group performed knee extensions over the same time period. Muscle volume increased 14% in subjects who combined aerobic and resistance training, compared to 9% for the resistance only group. Peak power increased 29% for the combination group compared to 24% with resistance training.

True Strength Moment: Although strength increased more for subjects who only pushed weight, combining both types of training produced optimal results for muscle size and power production. Check out today's Performance Blog at for tips on minimizing strength loss after high-intensity aerobic exercise.
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