Green Tea Suppresses Sugar Spikes

Green Tea Suppresses Sugar Spikes After eating starchy foods like bread and corn, a spike in blood sugars typically follows. When it's more sugar than your body needs, the remainder can end up being stored as fat. Sticking to a high-protein diet can help reduce spikes in blood sugars, and a study published online by the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research suggests the EGCG compound found in green tea can suppress blood sugar spikes after consuming certain carbohydrates. Compared to rodents who dined only on starchy foods, the rise in blood sugar was suppressed by about 50% in lab mice that consumed the human equivalent of 1 cups of green tea with their starchy meal.

True Strength Moment: Green tea didn't do anything to suppress blood sugar spikes in rodents that consumed simple sugars, so sweetening green tea with sugar probably negates the effect. If you're having whole wheat toast with your eggs at breakfast, try brewing green tea instead of your regular coffee for a couple weeks. If anything, this might serve as an effective way to break out of a routine right before starting a diet.
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