Taping For Sports Performance

Taping For Sports Performance If you watch a variety of sports, you've probably seen athletes competing with tape applied to different parts of their body. This tape is designed to support muscle without restricting an athlete's movement. Its potential effect on performance was analyzed in a study published in the Journal of Sport Sciences.

With tape supporting the three-headed calf muscle known as the triceps surae that's connected to your foot through the Achilles tendon, researchers tested the jumping performance of 24 volunteers. Isometric strength increased only when the ankle was fully bent back and overall strength decreased from performance measurements recorded before taping. There were no differences in muscle fatigue or drop jump performance.

True Strength Moment: Use of this tape in competition is a relatively new phenomenon, and the study suggests more research needs to be done. What scientists didn't measure was the degree of confidence taped athletes display in competition. Sometimes a mental edge, like feeling better about your ability, is all you need to outperform.
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