Running Vs. Walking For Results

Running Vs. Walking For Results Long-term, what can you expect from regular walking as compared to running? A 6-year study published in the journal Medicine and Science and Sports and Exercise attempts to answer that question with research comparing the energy expended by 15,237 regular walkers along with 32,216 runners. Changes in body mass index were also recorded over the same period.

You'd expect that walking would expend less energy than the running, but over time the amount of energy expended during exercise declined less for the walkers than the runners. Even with the drop-off in effort, running worked better to keep weight off. Running turned out to be 90% more effective than walking, with age-related weight gain non-existent in runners.

True Strength Moment: Interestingly enough, women who walked regularly were also able to keep their body weight from creeping up with age. It didn't work for the men, who had to resort to higher-intensity running to beat back weight gains. Get started on your new cardio program before the holiday feasting begins.
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