Got 3 Minutes? Burn Some Fat!

Got 3 Minutes? Burn Some Fat! People who set ambitious fitness or weight loss resolutions at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve have a tendency to go 'all in' after the festivities have ended. They'll put in long hours on the treadmill and alternate between every weight lifting station available. A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine shows that fat can be burned in surprising ways outside the gym.

Using 42 middle-aged female subjects wearing pedometers to measure the duration and intensity of physical activity, researchers determined that moderate to vigorous leisure time activity lasting just 3 minutes has an impact on visceral adipose tissue. This intra-abdominal fat surrounding internal organs is metabolized by the liver and used for energy.

True Strength Moment: For beginners just starting a fitness program, half an hour in the gym is plenty, and that includes your warm up and cool down. Hitting it any harder might leave you too sore to come back for another round. This won't hold true for everyone, due to the law of individual differences, but it's a sensible starting point. Besides, this study suggests you can still make a small impact on fat through leisure time activities. Every effort counts for something.
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