More Fit & Less Fat In 2 Weeks

More Fit & Less Fat In 2 Weeks Surf the online forums and, on any given day, you'll see questions like "How can I get in shape fast?" and "What can I do to cut weight right now?" Most active adults understand that amazing results don't happen overnight, but a couple of studies published in the Journal of Applied Physiology might make you think otherwise.

The first study from a few years back used college aged men and women to demonstrate the fitness building potential of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Subjects rode a stationary bike for 30-seconds all out before engaging in 4 minutes of active recovery. Over the 2-week period, the all-out effort amounted to just 15 minutes. But that was enough to double the duration of a time trial ride to exhaustion.

In the more recent study, 8 healthy young women rode hard on a stationary bike for 4 minutes before engaging in 2 minutes of low intensity pedaling. They completed 10 sets per session and 7 HIIT workouts in all. After interval training, they were able to burn approximately 36% more fat during an hour long ride at a moderate intensity.

True Strength Moment: HIIT might present you with a great gym strategy for getting out ahead of a New Year's resolution. Just remember to switch over to another type of training when you notice your progress leveling off. Keeping your muscles guessing is a crucial component of continuous improvement.
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