How To Navigate A Holiday Feast

How To Navigate A Holiday Feast Even the most dedicated dieters have moments of weakness, and nearly everyone allows themselves a cheat meal now and then. Combine an off-season frame of mind with a festive atmosphere and you could find yourself consuming way too much, over and above what you'd normally allow. Those headed for holiday banquets might want to apply these tips from a Montefiore Medical Center news release published at

Before heading to the event, have a small healthy snack and drink plenty of water, so you aren't hungry or thirsty to begin with. Once you arrive, consider all of your options before selecting anything. Weighing caloric consequences will make you more likely to choose sensible foods over the kind that can derail months of dieting. If the feast is a buffet, choose a small plate to keep your portion sizes down. Finally, don't hang around the food table. Mindless snacking happens too easily when temptation's within reach.

True Strength Moment: Those who manage to keep their holiday indulgences under control will have less work to do when it comes time to follow through on New Year's resolutions. Here's one more tip for the day after a holiday feast: Drinking water the following morning can help counteract the effects of high salt levels usually found in restaurant foods.
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