TV Show Recipes Vs. Ready Meals

TV Show Recipes Vs. Ready Meals If you're determined to eat cleaner in 2013, a study published in the British Medical Journal suggests steering clear of TV show recipes or purchasing supermarket-made meals. Researchers from NHS Tees and Newcastle University analyzed the nutritional content of 100 meal recipes from 5 best-selling UK television chefs and 100 ready meals prepared by the UK's leading supermarkets. The grocery bought meals came out on top, but only 4% met the World Health Organization's recommendations for healthy eating.

True Strength Moment: The TV show recipes and ready made meals both contained high levels of fat, saturated fat, and salt. Although they tended to have higher levels of protein, selections were generally low in carbohydrates with about the right amount of sugar. If you prepare your meals at home using fresh whole foods, you can come up with your own recipes to meet clean eating goals without adding unwanted calories, sugar, salt or fat.
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