Make 2013 A Personal Best

Make It Your Best

Like most active adults, you probably have new physique or fitness goals in mind for the year ahead. Whether you've set your sights on attaining a better look, greater strength, improved on-field performance or higher endurance capacity, we hope this compilation of blog posts from and provides insight and inspiration to help you push past plateaus and sticking points.

Each week, the ON and ABB teams review research papers published in a variety of scientific journals. We select studies we think will be of interest to our readers and post the findings in short, concise blogs you can easily access from the home page of either site. While the information presented isn't comprehensive or conclusive, we hope the findings get you thinking about potential strategies you can apply to your diet and/or training to take performance to a higher level.

For your convenience, we've segmented this 'Best of 2012' selection into goal-specific categories. Of course, the suggestions in each section are bound to have broader applications, so don't limit yourself or your potential by focusing on a single category. Just as strength athletes can benefit from cardio exercise and distance runners can get a step on the competition with weight training, experimenting with a diverse range of nutrition and training strategies can help you achieve your full potential.

Weight Loss

The Less Is More Approach To Weight Loss

Quick Workout For Waistline Slimming & Fat Burning

What To Add To Your Diet For Weight Loss

Advice For Avoiding Food Cravings

Intense 4-Week Cutter Program

Gaining Muscle Mass

Workout For Building Muscle & Burning Fat

Training Volume Builds Muscle Size

Check Out A Bodybuilder's Kitchen

Reps & Rest For Maximizing Muscle Mass

Challenging Arms Training Routine

Active Lifestyle

A Different Kind Of Cardio Routine

Long-Term Weight Management Results From Running & Walking

Burning Fat in Three Minutes or Less

Healthy Eating

Diet Planning Basics

10 Foods You Should Be Eating

The 5 Best Diet Moves You Can Make

The Right Balance Of Carbohydrates & Fats

Fitness Strategies

Using A Training Partner To Accomplish More

How To Determine Between Sets Rest Interval

Six-Pack Abdominal Workout

Strength Training

Combined Workout For Muscle Size, Strength & Endurance

Increase Your Bench Press Best By Up To 10%

How Lifting Velocity Compares To Lifting Intensity

Sports Nutrition

Whey & Casein Proteins Explained

Post-Workout Protein & Amino Acid Recommendations

Choosing Carbs To Fuel Intense Training

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