Workout For Faster 3 KM Run

Workout For Faster 3 KM Run If you've made a resolution to run faster or further, your training program is going to involve a lot of endurance work. But there might be something missing from your routine. A new study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research tested a couple different concurrent training routines on 18 experienced male endurance athletes.

One group of runners strength trained with exercise bands. Another combined resistance and plyometric training, and a third group trained with weight loads equal to about 40% of one rep max. All subjects continued with the normal endurance training.
After 12 weeks, the two groups that trained with weights became stronger, ran with greater economy and peak velocity, and were able to finish a 3 KM time trial faster than subjects who trained with bands.

True Strength Moment: For performance benefits, it's hard to beat what can be accomplished by pushing weight plates. Of course, athletes who focus on strength training can also benefit from regular endurance runs. Mixing things up in the gym offers benefits to just any everyone. For tips on warming up to run a faster 800 meter event, read today's Performance Blog at
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