Nutrient Dense Black Beans

Nutrient Dense Black Beans	It isn't always easy to stick with a high-protein diet. Often times you'll get bogged down in an endless cycle of skinless chicken breast, canned tuna and cottage cheese, with an equally limiting list of complex carbohydrates. An article published online by the Memphis Commercial Appeal calls out the versatility of nutrient dense black beans.

Not only does an 8 ounce cup of cooked black beans get you 15 grams closer to meeting your daily protein target, that same serving provides 15 grams of dietary fiber about half the daily recommendation for adults. There's even more to like with the B vitamin, magnesium and antioxidant potential of this blue-black colored legume.

True Strength Moment: Although a cup of cooked black beans weighs in at 240 calories with 45 grams of carbohydrates, there's less than a gram of sugar and fat. The carbs are considered complex because they digest more slowly than sugary carbs to provide longer lasting energy without the spike and crash associated with fast carbs.
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