Build Willpower Like Muscle

Build Willpower Like Muscle Those who have a hard time turning down morning meeting donuts or passing up a cookie for dessert can start planning a new type of workout. According to a study published online by the journal Obesity Research and Clinical Practice, you can train yourself to develop a greater degree of self control. The effort works surprisingly similar to muscular strength training.

When comparing results of a 6-month diet and exercise intervention, researchers weren't surprised to learn that subjects demonstrating the greatest willpower lost the most about 10% of their body weight. What intrigued them was a separate study that used a hand grip training device to strengthen willpower. Practicing acts of self-control also led to greater overall weight loss.

True Strength Moment: Weak willed subjects were told to squeeze the hand grip for as long as possible. Naturally, they experienced discomfort and even moderate pain during this exercise, just like weight lifters do putting up those last few reps. Regular practice of this technique helped keep thoughts of resisting diet temptations front of mind the rest of the day.
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