Creatine Boosts Endurance Effort

Creatine Boosts Endurance Effort Most people assume that creatine supplementation is for strength athletes. After all, hundreds of studies covering several decades have focused on creatine's potential for increasing muscle size, strength and power. Now a study published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism suggests that creatine can increase time to fatigue and power output by decreasing lactate buildup and elevating your lactate threshold.

Both before and after loading creatine with 4 separate 5 gram doses spread evenly throughout each of 6 consecutive days, 13 male subjects in their early 20s cycled to exhaustion. Researchers determined that creatine supplementation decreased lactate production during exercise, increased lactate threshold and allowed for greater power at the lactate threshold. This increased maximal power output while extending time to fatigue.

True Strength Moment: Savvy endurance athletes realize that they can benefit from protein supplementation. This study suggests creatine monohydrate might also have something to offer runners, cyclists and swimmers. For tips on endurance training, see today's Breaking News post at
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