Tips On Recovering With HMB

Tips On Recovering With HMB Hydroxy methylbutyrate, better known by the acronym HMB, has been popular with strength athletes looking to enhance recovery from heavy lifting. Those not yet familiar with this amino acid metabolite should know that it's found in citrus, avocado and alfalfa, but the more concentrated supplemental form is probably best for optimizing recovery support.

Tips of maximizing HMB's potential can be found in a position statement published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. The society found that it's best to consume 38 mg of HMB per kg of body weight either right before or after training. HMB is effective in both trained and untrained subjects, and supplementing for 2 weeks before beginning a training cycle is ideal. When used in conjunction with a structured diet and training program, HMB can enhance recovery and improve muscle size and strength gains while helping to promote fat loss.

True Strength Moment: One tablet of ON's HMB provides 1,000 mg of hydroxy methylbutyrate. Use before and/or after weight training may provide recovery benefits above and beyond the whey protein shake you've made part of your routine. Give it a try to see what you gain from the experience.
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