Best Load For Building Jump Power

Best Load For Building Jump Power Basketball is just one of the sports where an athlete's ability to jump can make the difference between scoring and coming up short. Plyometric jumps are a good way to develop greater jumping power, but what's the optimal load? A study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology put this question to the test with both trained and untrained subjects.

Using a force plate, researchers measured the power output generated by 10 strength athletes, 10 speed athletes, 10 recreationally active men and 10 inactive men who performed vertical jumps tethered to a pulley system that could either add to or reduce their body weight by up to 30%.

True Strength Moment: Obviously an increase in load is going to produce greater force output with decreased jump velocity. But to achieve maximum peak and mean power output, body weight worked best for all groups of subjects. That means you won't need any fancy equipment for your plyometric drills. What you weigh will get the job done.
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