Fiber Provides Satiety Support

Fiber Provides Satiety Support You're probably very well aware of the amount of protein in your diet, but what about fiber? The general recommendation for adults is 25 to 30 grams per day, and most Americans only get about half that amount. Here's a reason to pay closer attention: In addition to its role in digestive health, fiber has a lot to offer dieters according to a study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior.

Researchers fed lab rats a variety of fiber types and then measured the effect on food intake. Although there were no changes in rodent habits for the first 30 minutes, daily energy intake was reduced 14% to 21%, depending on fiber type. Average meal size decreased by 57% and eating duration decreased by about 65%.

True Strength Moment: These lab rats didn't eat as much or dine as long after fiber supplementation because a condition known as satiety set in about half an hour later. This feeling of fullness can help dieters reduce caloric intake and avoid snack cravings. If you have a hard time eating enough fruits, nuts and vegetables, use a fiber supplement to get you closer to your daily target. You can stack it with your post-workout whey protein shake.
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