Leucine & Citrulline Build Muscle

Leucine & Citrulline Build Muscle You new favorite pre-workout contains 2 grams of the amino acid citrulline per scoop and you've been adding a 5-gram scoop of unflavored BCAA powder to minimize the breakdown of muscle tissue during intense training. A study published in the journal Amino Acids suggests you might be using a great stack for building muscle size and strength.

Researchers supplemented the diets of old lab rats with leucine or citrulline for one week after the rodents had been on a 12-week restricted diet. Compared to a control group that received standard food, muscle size and function improved 51% with leucine supplementation and 37% with citrulline. The supplemented rats were also stronger than rats in the control group.

True Strength Moment: Although this study was undertaken to investigate the potential these amino acids hold in helping elderly people maintain muscle size and strength, it's reasonable to assume younger and much more active adults could realize similar benefits from a combination of leucine and citrulline.
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