Putting Sprinters To The Test

Putting Sprinters To The Test What's the difference between sprinters who constantly put up incredibly low times and those who always seem a couple tenths of a second off the mark? A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research attempts to answer that question with an examination of jump performance.

After averaging their competitive performance in 60 and 100 meter races, twelve sprinters were divided into elite and sub-elite groups. Then the jump performance of all subjects was measured using a force platform. Elite runners clocked an average take off velocity of 3.23 meters per second compared to the sub-elite average of 2.94 m/s. Elite sprinters also recoded greater jump height, vertical velocity and concentric force.

True Strength Moment: What do these results mean for ambitious track and field athletes looking to shave seconds off their performance? Working more vertical, countermovement and drop jumps into your training program could make the difference.
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