Stretching Out For Team Sports

Stretching Out For Team Sports What's a typical warm up for your game? If you play a team sport where jumping ability is important, a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research offers some advice on pre-game stretching. The results could give you an edge during the first 5 minutes of competition.

Eleven female Division I college volleyball players warmed up with 30 seconds of old school pressure against the joint static stretching or a ballistic method centered around bouncing movements. Testing each group over a 3-day period, researchers found that subjects performed countermovement jumps with greater speed and agility after dynamic stretching, but the effect only lasts 5 minutes.

True Strength Moment: Static stretching negatively impacted jumping performance for the first 5 minutes while dynamic stretching enhanced it. It's easy to pick between these techniques, and to make the most of the competitive advantage do your dynamic stretching as close to game time as possible.
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