2013 Arnold Recap (Video)

Direct from the Expo floor at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Team ON Athletes Tobias Young & Steve Cook provide a video recap of events at the 25th annual Arnold Sports Festival.

New Platinum Casein


Platinum Tri-Celle Casein represents the pinnacle of our slow digesting protein lineup. By using novel, patent pending MicelleXL technology, we've combined micellar casein molecules into a structure approximately three times the average size. These super-sized molecules form an ultra-thick gel that takes hours to be digested and absorbed, providing sustained release amino acid delivery for lasting muscle support. Each serving of Platinum Tri-Celle Casein also delivers the relaxing properties of L-Theanine to help you make the most of your post-workout recovery. Enjoyed between meals or before bed, we think you'll agree this is the slowest, easiest mixing and best tasting anti-catabolic casein we're ever made. Look for Platinum Tri-Celle Casein in stores this spring!


FREE Samples!

Free ON Samples

As usual, the sports nutrition industry leader had the most popular booth at the Arnold Expo last weekend. If you weren't able to make the big event this year, answering #ArnoldTrivia questions on Twitter could get you some of the same samples by mail. Along with new Platinum Tri-Celle Casein, we'll be offering new flavors of Gold Standard 100% Whey and Platinum PRE-. Follow @Team_Optimum and watch for trivia questions all this week.
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chris spurling
Mar 09, 2013
i dont have a twitter but i do have a facebook, will that work, i want to try these samples so bad, ive heard a lot of good things
Mar 09, 2013
How can I get some free samples ?
jugraj dhanoa
Mar 10, 2013
I couldnt make it to arnold but I am a big fan of optimum, I would certaily like to try this as I am looking for a good preworkout and night time protein
Cindy Foose
Mar 22, 2013
Would like to try some samples especially pre-workout and amino energy as I am a runner. Do you have a recovery supplement?