How Nutritious Is Your Energy Bar

How Nutritious Is Your Energy Bar Since 1970, when the first trademark for a non-frozen bar like energy snack containing a nutritional balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein was filed, energy bars have become popular with both endurance and strength athletes. But a story published by the Mother Nature Network suggests that some of your present day options might not be any more nutritious than a regular candy bar.

Averages for the seven bars called out in this article aren't exactly diet friendly. Caloric content weighed in at 270 with the highest amount registering 410 calories. The average amount of sugar was 22 grams with the worst offender delivering 32 grams.

True Strength Moment: Checking the Facts Panel shouldn't be limited to foods you buy at the grocery store. Those panels also appear on nutritional supplements including your favorite protein powders and bars. Making a point of weighing the extra protein against the calories, sugar and fat you're getting per serving can help you keep your body composition goals on track.
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